Custom Stamp for Your Field Notes

Lou Mechanics
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Back Story:

A comment thread some time ago on the Field Nuts Facebook group gave me an idea. I learned that many people have a preference for what goes on the inside cover of their Field notes: Either a specific thing every time, something different for each book, or nothing at all. 

I happen to be of the first type, generally recording my name, literal coordinates of my hometown, a small illustration of New Jersey with a dot representing my approximate location, and my email address. What's always bothered me is the fact that I always scribble the information in haste, resulting in a less-than-desireable look for my otherwise good-looking Field Notes. The discussion on Facebook got me thinking about how I could get the ideal result every time, and so, my stamp was born.

Create Your Own Stamp:

I will gladly create a stamp for you, with whatever information you desire, including:

  • "Property of" text
  • Pertinent coordinates text
  • A graphic for the pertinent coordinates (+$14, see below)
  • Your email address
  • A "handsome reward" checkmark
  • Price includes:

  • Designing the stamp
  • Printing the stamp
  • Shipping (US & International )
  • A PDF stamp practice sheet, to help you get the alignment just right

  • Graphic Cost:

    If you'd like to include a graphic in your stamp, additional cost is $14. Please keep in mind that the graphic will be stamped in a single color, and small details are usually invisible when stamped, so the simpler, the better. If you chose to include a graphic, I will follow up after your order is placed so you can tell me what you'd like.

    This product is not currently for sale.

    You'll get a stamp and a PDF test sheet.

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    Custom Stamp for Your Field Notes

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